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Working with the Associazione Borsisti Marco Fanno


The Associazione Borsisti Marco Fanno was established in 1993, 30 years after Professor Giannino Parravicini started a scholarship programme specialising in the study of economics and finance at the most prestigious foreign universities. Its aim is to promote academic studies and scientific research in economics and finance, maintain and promote contacts between members, contribute to the development of cultural exchanges, and propose scientific and cultural initiatives in the field of economics and finance. 

Since 2012, the UniCredit Foundation has been a signatory to an agreement with the Marco Fanno Association to ensure the continuation of its initiatives and support for the best economists. Through this agreement, UniCredit provides annual funding of around €500,000 to support scholarships and research programmes launched by the Association. 

The Marco Fanno Association now includes all recipients of scholarships offered by the UniCredit Foundation among its alumni. Among other initiatives, in 2023 the Foundation launched three scholarships, two top-ups, one PhD fellowship – all named after Marco Fanno – as well as four Modigliani research grants under the collaboration agreement signed with the Marco Fanno Association. 

Leveraging the support of economic research and the expertise of a prestigious academic network is paramount in our pursuit of supporting youth education. The synergy between rigorous research and an esteemed academic community advances knowledge and enhances our ability to design effective educational programmes, scholarships and research initiatives. Our collaboration ensures our efforts are informed by cutting-edge insights and that they make a meaningful contribution to the development of skilled individuals for the challenges of tomorrow. 

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