Empowering teams through shared values

The Gift Matching Program opportunity

"When the GMP opportunity came up, I saw a perfect match with my idea of raising awareness of non-core business topics which had the benefit of speaking to common values and bonding people together. The initiative was highly welcomed by team members and supported with a come-together spirit to reach the matching target set by the UniCredit Foundation.

A few months later, I was delighted when the idea of combining the Team Event with the Volunteer Day was expressed during a team meeting. It showed how the spirit of our people was shaped around performance and values in a unique way – where one did not exist without the other.

Gift Matching has now become a recurring event for QA Compliance and it gives me a sense of accomplishment in seeing people expressing themselves and exchanging proposals on initiatives that we choose to support with enthusiasm over time.”

As a manager, I truly believe that financial performance goes hand-in-hand with corporate culture, creating the grounds for sustainable performance over time and motivating people to unleash their potential. When taking over responsibility of Group QA Compliance Team a couple of years ago, I realised that I had to push equally on elevating the performance of the team and creating a common set of values which we collectively recognised in ourselves.”

Gabriele Zuccarello

Head of Compliance Quality Assurance

Working with the Associazione Borsisti Marco Fanno

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Volunteering in educational programmes

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