Employees’ Engagement

We actively foster the engagement and participation of our people in line with the UniCredit value of caring. Creating opportunities for employees to contribute strengthens internal cohesion, ignites a sense of belonging and responsibility, and builds meaningful connections. 

Our achievements

Total amount donated by the Foundation in 2023 for employee engagement activities
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According to a study conducted by Gallup, 78% of employees who take part in diverse charitable initiatives show tangible  support for a company’s values – compared to just 50% in companies lacking such initiatives.1 With employees increasingly seeking involvement beyond the confines of their workplace, employee engagement is crucial for attracting and retaining  talent. 

Leveraging the potential of philanthropy, volunteering and giving  reinforces and enriches the organisational culture. Our corporate  giving programmes empower people to align their passions with  their daily professional endeavours and help channel our value of caring into every aspect of our operations.

1. Gallup – State of the Global Workplace Report 

Engaging our people and supporting communities

UniCredit employees have a well-established record of donating to communities through a range of schemes, including the UniCredit Foundation’s 20-year-long Gift Matching Program (GMP).


  • Established when the Foundation was first formed, the GMP is a longstanding initiative that aims to cultivate a culture of solidarity and to boost the engagement and sense of belonging among UniCredit colleagues. Over two decades, the programme has supported more than 6,000 projects with almost 169,000 donations. Over €27.4 million has been generously donated by employees with more than €25 million match-funded by the Foundation – resulting in a total donation of almost €53 million towards social initiatives. 

    The 2023 GMP edition was designed to support non-profit organisations running projects that benefit young people (aged 0-24), both within and outside UniCredit Group countries. The programme included an additional contribution to projects (specifically those executed in countries where UniCredit operates) aimed at promoting educational equality, tackling early school leaving, encouraging university attainment and giving young people the skills and opportunities to enter the job market. €750,000 was allocated by the UniCredit Foundation to the initiative in 2023. 


    Donations in 2023


    Total donated

  • Rest-Cent is an initiative that enables UniCredit employees to donate the surplus cents from their monthly net salary to contribute to social projects. 

    Launched in Germany in 2012, this is UniCredit’s longest running micro-donation initiative. The 2023 edition saw the participation of 3,593 employees and raised €21,629.38 which was matched by UniCredit Foundation. The two beneficiary organisations selected with a focus on youth and education were MediationsZentrale München e. V. (MZM) and Stiftung Bildung.

    The Rest-Cent Italy 2023 edition selected two beneficiary organisations through public call by a special commission made up of UniCredit members and external members: Comunità di Sant’Egidio ACAP Onlus with the project Go school!, and Oxfam Italia Onlus with the project Mentoring for school success. Some 6,201 employees participated in the initiative and UniCredit Foundation matched the entire amount raised with each organisation receiving €46,314.71.


    UniCredit employees took part in our Rest-Cent initiative


    Raised, which was matched by UniCredit Foundation

  • On 6 February 2023, an earthquake devastated southern and central Türkiye and northern and western Syria, with widespread damage and tens of thousands of fatalities. Development experts from the United Nations estimated that about 1.5 million people were left homeless. 

    Employees from all UniCredit geographies stepped up, donating their personal funds to support the thousands of victims, destroyed homes and infrastructure. More than 1,700 employees contributed a total amount of €304,286.46 to three non-profit organisations: Red Cross; Save the Children; and UNHCR. The €304,286.46 total donation included employee contributions matched by the UniCredit Foundation up to the amount of €70,000 and €100,000 donated by UniCredit.


    UniCredit employees contributed


    Raised by employees for three non-profit organisations


    Donated by the UniCredit Foundation and UniCredit