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UniCredit Foundation at a glance

The Foundation plays a key role in UniCredit’s Purpose – empowering communities to progress.

In line with the Group’s Purpose, the Foundation helps shape and deliver UniCredit’s Social Strategy and environmental, social and governance (ESG) activities.

The Foundation’s primary aim for 2022-2025 is to empower young Europeans through equitable education and fostering their personal and professional development.

Our mission: is to empower young people by reducing educational inequalities.


Our vision: is to enable Europe’s next generation to achieve its full potential.


What we do

Working closely with non-profit organisations, partners and UniCredit’s local banks, the Foundation supports education across Europe and makes a genuine impact on the prospects of young people. 

For over two decades, we have been dedicated to supporting initiatives that have a positive social impact on communities and to promoting excellence through a strong network of partnerships with the world’s leading universities. 

Established in 2003, the Foundation has built a proud legacy of fostering community development throughout Europe, enabled by a total investment of €190 million.

We know that simply providing funds is not enough to achieve our aims. In addition, we must be active members of the communities where the Group operates. 

This hands-on approach, facilitated by partnering with international educational institutions, allows the Foundation to offer concrete tools for sustainable growth and broader societal development to benefit future generations.

Our purpose:

to unlock the potential of Europe’s next generation


Our overarching goal revolves around catalysing positive change for Europe’s upcoming generation. At the core of our Purpose is a commitment to unlock the potential of emerging talents by ensuring equal access to quality education. We firmly believe that investing in education is a linchpin for ensuring comprehensive growth and development across society and for fostering a better future for individuals and their communities. 

Our strategy encompasses three core priorities where we can make a real difference.

Combating early school dropout by supporting schools, teachers and students in their growth
Enhancing employability by facilitating the transition from school to work in an increasingly competitive job market
Encouraging university attendance and supporting talented young researchers in the fields of education, economics and finance, through scholarships, awards and prizes

In line with UniCredit’s values, the Foundation is also dedicated to involving Group employees in social initiatives. This involves matching their donations and supporting local communities in times of crisis or need.