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Gianesini Emma Fund


€100k for 2 research grants

This beautiful story begins in 2013 with a donation by Ms Emma Gianesini, a philanthropist from Verona who passed away in 2021. Driven by her passion for supporting scientific research  and young students at the University of Verona, her benevolence made it possible to create this fund which will remain operational  for many years, enabling deserving young talents to pursue  specialisation abroad.

Managed by the UniCredit Foundation, the annual “Gianesini Emma Fund Call” reached its 10th edition in 2023. This initiative is strongly endorsed by the Rector of the University of Verona, Pier Francesco Nocini, and aims to award two research grants of €50,000 each. These grants support in-depth research in the medical field abroad for specialised doctors and PhD students. The programme is coordinated by professors from the University’s School of Medicine and Surgery and chaired by Professor Giuseppe Lippi.

In 2023, grants were awarded to Carmen Longo, for the project “Engineering of human retinal organoids to study and treat inherited retinal dystrophies” and Mirko Zoncapè, for the research project “Characterization of circulating and liver-resident IMMUN cells in patients with metabolic dysfunction-associated steatotic liver disease (MASLD) by spatial multiOMICs as diagnostic tool for disease staging (IMMUNOMIC)”.


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The UniCredit Foundation Awards Ceremony 2023

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