Towards positive change for Europe’s next generation

In 2022, the Foundation experienced a major transformation, aimed at redesigning its governance structure and, above all, redefining its purpose and its mission.

"Educating Europe: re-writing the future" - Silvia Cappellini, General Manager of UniCredit Foundation and Wendy Copp, CEO and Co-Founder of Teach for All

Supporting young Europeans by offering them equal educational opportunities and helping them on the path of personal growth and professional development is and will be focus of the Foundation’s work during the three-year period 2022-2025.

This means investing in education and taking action to give young Europeans the tools to unlock their potential, enabling them to become protagonists of change in society. To achieve this, UniCredit Foundation strives to: 

  • fight early school leaving, by supporting European schools, teachers and students in their growth 
  • improve employability, by facilitating the transition from school to work. Only by acquiring the right skills will young people be able to make their way in an increasingly competitive job market 
  • promote university access and attendance to train tomorrow’s leaders 
  • support study and research, by offering scholarships, research grants and prizes to the best talents in the field of economics and finance.

To support and pursue these new and ambitious objectives, UniCredit Foundation strengthened its governance in 2022, completing its registration with RUNTS (National Single Registry of the Third Sector) and renewing its corporate governance bodies.


Since 2003, UniCredit Foundation has supported innovative projects with a strong social impact to contribute to the development of our communities. Our ambition now is to pursue this goal by dedicating our efforts to Europe’s next generation in particular. We believe that only quality schooling can give all students equal learning opportunities. This is why we work to support young people in their studies and provide them with the tools they need to become real advocates of change.

Silvia Cappellini
General Manager UniCredit Foundation