Rest-Cent Italy and Rest-Cent Germany

Rest-Cent Italy

Thanks to Rest-Cent Italy 2022, employees of the UniCredit Group Italy were able to donate the extra cents of their net salary to two projects that support disabled children.

The two beneficiary non-profit organisations were selected through public call; a special commission, chaired by a UniCredit Foundation Board Member, selected the 5 finalists, which were then put to a vote by the employees.

The winners were: 

  • Occhi Azzurri Onlus with the project “CR2 Recreational Rehabilitation Centre” 
  • Lega del filo d’Oro Onlus with the project “My line to the world” 

6,900 of our people participated in the initiative and, like every year, UniCredit Foundation matched the entire amount raised: each organisation received a total of €41,267.06 The 2023 edition will introduce an important novelty, allowing employees to donate amounts from one to three euros in addition to their rest cents and, in line with the Foundation’s new Purpose, will support two projects combating early school leaving.

The two beneficiary organisations, selected through public call by the special commission made up of UniCredit members and external members, are: 

  • Comunità di Sant’Egidio ACAP Onlus with the project “Go school!” 
  • Oxfam Italia Onlus with the project “Mentoring for school success”

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Go school!

“An extraordinary plan to combat educational poverty and early school leaving for 500 minors and adolescents in Genoa, Rome and Naples”

The project intends to address the educational poverty emergency in Italy. It aims to prevent and combat early school leaving and the social isolation of 500 minors and adolescents (aged 11-19) in Genoa, Rome and Naples. Planned activities include supervising and managing the cases of disadvantaged minors and families to coordinate their integration and schooling; social support for families; multi-dimensional study support courses for the minors involved during the year (at Schools of Peace) and the summer period (at Summer Schools).


Mentoring for school success

Mentoring programmes that encourage peer study to combat early school leaving at middle and high schools.

This project aims to combat early school leaving at middle and high schools in Tuscany and Sicily, especially in the cities of Arezzo and Ragusa, through mentoring programmes. How does it work? Around 50 student mentors attending the final year of middle school or the last three years of high school, suitably trained and supervised by teachers, will accompany around 60 younger school mates (in early middle school or in the first two years of high school), selected among the students at greatest risk of dropping out. The mentors will help the more vulnerable students with remedial activities, afternoon homework and orientation, promoting their school motivation and inclusion.


Rest-Cent Germany

In 2022, the Rest-Cent Germany fundraising initiative continued, the longest micro-donation experience launched in Germany in 2012.

The 2022 edition saw over 33% employee participation and raised a total of €22,844.75, which, like every year, will be fully matched by UniCredit Foundation.

Two beneficiary organisations were selected in the context of the “Youth & Education” focus.


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IB Süd: IB Süd Homepage (


The vocational integration classes in Fuerstenfeldbruck are pre-vocational measures designed to last two years. In the first year, the special focus is on language acquisition.

The students, many of whom have fled war-torn countries, learn German. In the second year, there is a stronger focus on career orientation to prepare the young people for vocational training or secondary school.

The project support is dedicated to a class of 16 Ukrainian students between the ages of 16 and 18, for which a Ukrainian teacher was hired to teach German. In the meantime, the class has been expanded internationally by three students from Afghanistan and one student from Turkey.

In addition to the lessons, the often-traumatized refugee youths are looked after by social pedagogues who also conduct sports and creative projects with them to give the young people new courage to face life. The class community is very good, all are studying hard and are highly motivated to obtain a school certificate and start an apprenticeship.


Soccer meets culture 


The idea behind the project is to combine soccer training with academic mentoring in order to provide children with the opportunity to improve their social skills in a team environment.

The project also aims to arouse interest in education and culture among young people from socially disadvantaged educational backgrounds.

The project, which lasts at least an entire school year, sees 24 children divided into two groups training twice a week.

Football training is carried out in collaboration with a well-known local football club, while school tutoring is geared to the individual needs of the participants and the emphasis is usually on facilitating the German language.

Soccer is also a recurring theme in lessons and, for example, for arithmetic exercises soccer league tables are used, or students read soccer stories.