Gift Matching Program

In 2022, the Gift Matching Program turned 20: a great opportunity to support all Group employees in their concrete commitment to social projects.

The Gift Matching Program is a long-standing initiative that began in 2003 and has grown over the years, following the developments, changes and evolution of UniCredit and the Foundation. The program doubles the donations made by employee groups in all countries where UniCredit operates to the Third Sector Entities selected by our people.

Over the years, this simple mechanism has made it possible to help hundreds of projects, explore and support local needs and necessities, and stand by our employees, their awareness and their desire to do something tangible to help the community.

How does the program work? Each employee can promote and coordinate a “donation group”, becoming its Ambassador, or participate in an initiative coordinated by a colleague.

The rules require a minimum number of participants and minimum donation per group depending on the country, since the initiative is fine-tuned to local characteristics and sensitivities to best encourage employee participation.

Participation was impressive again in 2022: 13 countries in the Group perimeter involved, 167 projects supported, 4,923 donations made and a total of €961,612 raised by employees and the Foundation.

To me, the Gift Matching program is the wonder of discovering that our Bank is actively committed to creating a positive impact on the community, by giving our people the opportunity to contribute in person. It is the wonder of meeting colleagues who take responsibility of gathering information about various non-profit organizations to propose to other colleagues to contribute together in making our society better.

Cinzia De Marchi 
Culture Champion for Compliance GMP Ambassador










The 2022 edition of the Gift Matching Program supported projects for young people (aged 0-24) and, in line with the Foundation’s new Purpose, an additional contribution was made to initiatives aimed at promoting projects in the field of education, to offer young people skills, tools and equal opportunities to access the education system.

To boost employee commitment over the years, the Foundation continued to actively involve retired colleagues, whose donations increased the amount matched by UniCredit Foundation.

A significant contribution was also made (in Italy) by Employee Third Sector Entities, associations formed exclusively by retired and former UniCredit employees and coordinated by an employee in service, which aimed to raise funds for organisations focused above all on the needs of the local territory.

Over 20 years, the Gift Matching Program has supported over 6,000 projects, with 163,650 donations made, more than €27 million donated by employees and €25 million matched by the Foundation, totalling more than € 52 million donated to social initiatives.




total donations

27 m

donated by employees

> 6,000

projects supported

25 m

contributed by the Foundation

51.8 m

donated overall