Fighting food poverty in Italy

Donated €2.3 million to 53 organisations involved in the distribution of food to those most in need.

The Covid-19 pandemic has had serious economic and social repercussions in Italy, pushing over 1 million more people into poverty compared to the pre-pandemic period.
During the pandemic, poverty in Italy rose to a 15-year high and food poverty has become a critical problem, especially in the south. This new poverty has added to chronic poverty, leading to an increase of families in need of assistance.

Aware of the pandemic’s impact on the reference communities, which require even more support and relief from the consequences suffered, in 2021, UniCredit Foundation launched a process to support organisations involved across the country in the distribution of food to people in serious difficulty. A total of €5.1 million was allocated to the initiative in the 2021/2022 period – the equivalent of 3.8 million meals – in favour of 69 non-profit organisations throughout Italy.

In 2022, the €2.7 million donated in 2021 was joined by an additional contribution of €2.3 million, of which €500,000 donated by the Carta Etica Fund, allocated to 53 local and national organisations to supply the equivalent of 1.8 million meals.

Given that the pandemic exacerbated the already existing regional disparities, as documented in terms of GDP and employment rates, and in light of the fundamental importance of the South for the country’s growth, in 2022, UniCredit Foundation doubled its commitment to the region, allocating €1.2 million. Over the two years, €1.8 million was donated to the South, for an equivalent of 1.3 million meals, assisting 656,000 people.


3.8 m



organisations non profit

5.1 m


Restoring the value of food, by distributing it to those in need

Banco Alimentare works to recover surplus food and distribute it to people in serious need through over 400 affiliated local organisations – Caritas, parishes, soup kitchens, food banks, counselling centres, local associations, reception and help centers for street units, and the social services of over 160 municipalities, which families turn to for food aid.

Every day we are committed to preventing food waste, restoring value to food and distributing it to those in need.

By recovering surplus food and redistributing it for free, Banco Alimentare currently helps 201,654 people in Campania, with another 12,000 still on the waiting list.

Thanks to the contribution of UniCredit Foundation, we can meet the needs of the people who turn to Banco for help. This contribution comes at a truly important time given the particular crisis that many families are experiencing, as well as the history of Banco in the Campania region.

Giuseppe Tessitore
Chairman Banco Alimentare Campania