Unicredit Foundation is the company foundation of UniCredit established to support all communities in which the Group operates.

Pursues social and humanitarian objectives

by operating in the following sectors: care, health, environment, training and education.

Promotes and supports studies

aimed at deepening knowledge of economic, financial, legal, political and social disciplines; awards prizes, scholarships and research grants, proposes and supports university initiatives.

The Foundation is a non-profit organisation and cannot distribute profits.

In its work UniCredit Foundation struck a fine balance between the rightful efforts to address the needs generated by the pandemic and the need to stay focused on a medium and long-term perspective.

Our 2021 in numbers


The UniCredit Foundation’s commitment is reflected in numerous solidarity initiatives in all the countries where UniCredit is present. In 2021, the Foundation’s social work focused on two main areas, fighting the pandemic and supporting children.

Main projects

Covid-19 Emergency
In 2021, the Foundation continued its efforts to contrast the consequences of the pandemic…
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The identification of projects worthy of funding is a complex process, one that demands much…
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UniCredit Foundation launched its third “Call for Regions” in 2021, aimed at supporting local…
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UniCredit Foundation has launched its third “Call for Europe”. Like the analogous initiative…
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Study and Research

UniCredit Foundation supports the best talents in the fields of economics and finance by launching scholarships and fellowships by promoting the merit with a specific focus on the countries in which UniCredit operates.

Main initiatives

Study support
Although the past year has been very difficult, UniCredit Foundation maintained its commitment…
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Research support
UniCredit Foundation promotes several initiatives in support of research, through contests for…
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Workshop and conferences
The Foundation also funds events, including conventions, conferences and workshops, in…
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Marco Fanno Association
The Marco Fanno Association was founded in 1993 by a group of fellows, thirty years after the…
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Employees Involvement

The dissemination and promotion of the culture of volunteering and gift among people of UniCredit has always been one of the focus of our commitment.

Main projects

Gift Matching Program 2021
In 2021, the Gift Matching Program (GMP) turned 19: a great opportunity to involve employees…
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Rest-Cent is a fundraiser campaign for unicredit employees, which allows to donate the cents…
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Spontaneous initiatives
As a UniCredit Foundation we collect and support the spontaneous desire to realize initiatives…
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Additional Initiatives

Solidarity expresses itself in many forms: through music with the Open Rehearsals of the Filarmonica della Scala or thanks to the generosity of a philanthropist from Verona who has chosen to finance scholarships to support research, especially in the medical field.

La Scala Philharmonic
Open Rehearsals of La Scala Philharmonic Orchestra. Music takes its place again alongside…
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Gianesini Emma Fund
“Fondo Gianesini Emma” was founded in 2013 thanks to a modal legacy with which the compliant…
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